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Call for Submissions: NAPEW (Savage Society and National Arts Centre Indigenous Theatre)

Call for Submissions

Savage Society and National Arts Centre Indigenous Theatre, are inviting submissions for our upcoming production of

You used to call me Marie . . .
By Tai Amy Grauman

DIRECTORS: Lois Anderson, Tai Amy Grauman

AUDITION DATES & LOCATION: Remotely via self-tape

A simple set up for your self-tape audition will be sufficient. Do not feel the need to achieve a professional quality recording or spend additional costs.


Rehearsals begin: March 18, 2024 (Vancouver)

Performances (The York Theatre, Vancouver): April 18 – 27, 2024

Performances (NAC, Ottawa): June 12 – 22, 2024



A Metis man is his 20’s, 30’s or early 40’s. He is a star traveler who comes to the prairies and lives through 7 love stories alongside Iskwewo and Mistatim. He is timeless yet rooted in history. He exists in 1810, 1860, 1885, 1920, 1930, 1995 and 2023. He is the same and different all at once. He is a leader, a cowboy, a rebel, a voyageur, a trapper, a politician and the boy next door.


Please send self-tape audition, headshot and resume and any questions to


“You Used to Call me Marie…” follows two souls in eight different Metis love stories at eight distinct periods in history. Moving through different lives, we watch Iskwewo (Her), Napew (Him) and Mistatim (Horse) before and after the creation of Treaty 6. We watch the emergence of the Metis nations across the plains and the robust colonization that arises from the fur trade as well as the emergence of the Metis Association of Alberta during the great depression.. Beginning in a creation story and ending in the present, “You used to call me Marie…” shares this historical epic about the love, the loss and the fight of Treaty 6’s Metis women and men.

Deadline to submit
May 5 2023

For questions or accommodation requests related to the submission process, please email Chelsea Carlson, Managing Producer, Savage Society,


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