Battle of the Birds (2016)

Based on a traditional Nlakap’amux story about a community confronting the issue of domestic violence, Battle of the Birds is a story set in the mythical time before time, when animals appeared like humans with animal attributes and spoke a similar language. The Bird nation is alarmed because Bald Eagle is abusive to his wife. Golden Eagle convinces the bird nation to conspire with him to rescue Bald Eagle’s Wife from him, but this means war.

Production Team


Albert Adams, Irene Adams, Sam Bob, Elorah Bolan,  Nakoah Bolan, Nyla Carpentier, Amy Charlie, Autumn Charlie, Azalia Charlie, Nadine Charlie, Noreen Charlie, John Haugen, CJ James, Nellie Joe,  Jo Limbo, Freda Loring , Kevin Loring, Judy McKay, Eva Paul, Dorothy Phillips, Mitch Saddlebacck, Rachael Sam, Kiera Sam, Sandy Scofield, Ethan Smith, Simon Smith, Candace Spinks, Charon Spinks, Jillian Spinks, Vanessa Spinks, Melody Anderson



Ingrid Turk



Melody Anderson, Kevin Loring, Kieran Wilson